Tips for Ordering Promotional Products

Have a budget per item in mind:
For many products, a wide variety of items is available in different price ranges. For example, there’s a huge difference between the price of a standard ballpoint pen and the price of a deluxe fountain pen. By knowing in advance what you want to spend, you can expedite the ordering process.

Plan ahead:
A retiring employee doesn't want a gift the day after their party, and shirts ordered for a trade show will be useless after the event is over. Talk to your sales representative at least four months in advance about items for a special event or product launch. 

Proofread carefully:
Promotional products are billboards for your company. How would a potential customer view your firm if your pens say, "We Am to Please" instead of "We Aim to Please"?

Remember to present a consistent image:
If your company sells high-end automobiles, don't buy cheap pens to hand out to customers. Be consistent about the use of corporate logos and slogans. At the same time, realize that ink looks different on various substrates, and designs on clothing naturally look different than designs on paper. If you’re a stickler for color matches, ask us for the best ways to accomplish this before you place an order.

Voice special concerns:
For example, if you want to buy only apparel that is made in the United States, say so early in the product selection process.

Be prepared to pay for part of the order up front.

Ask for samples:
Seeing an object up close can tell you a lot more about product quality than a picture in a catalog.